Cunca Rami Waterfall
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Nama Cunca Rami berasal dari kata cunca yang artinya air terjun, dan rami yang artinya hutan.  Air terjun ini berada di kawawan hutan Mbeliling.  Ketinggian air terjun ini sekitar 30 m dengan tiga tingkatan. Di bawah terjunan air terdapat kolam air berukuran lumayan yang biasanya dijadikan tempat untuk berenang oleh pengunjung yang datang ke sini.

Selain Air Terjun Cunca Rami di kawasan hutan ini juga terdapat air terjun lain yaitu Air Terjun Cunca Lolos dan Cunca Wulang.


Terletak di Kampung Roe, Desa Wae Lolos, Kecamatan Sano Nggoang, Kabupaten Manggarai Barat


Berjarak sekitar 40 km dari Labuan Bajo.   Air terjun ini bisa dijangkau dari kampung Roe, Desa Wae Lolos yang merupakan pintu pendakian ke puncak Mbeliling. Jarak dari kota Labuan Bajo sekitar 20 km yang dapat ditempuh selama kurang lebih 45 menit menggunakan kendaraan melewati jalan dengan kualitas aspal cukup baik. Setelah sampai di Kampung Roe, menuju ke air terjun ini jalurnya cukup moderat. Dari ujung Kampung Roe ini perjalanan dilanjutkan dengan berjalan kaki melalui jalan setapak menuju air terjun dengan waktu kurang lebih selama satu jam.



The impressive Cunca Rami waterfall, with its many pretty pools that offer a refreshing, natural swimming experience, makes a fantastic day trip from Labuan Bajo. Starting from Werang, which is located 35km southeast of Labuan Bajo, it takes you about a 1½  hour scenic walk through an area which seems to be relatively untouched by modern civilization. Hiking through small villages and agricultural land, this walk is also a lesson in culture and agriculture. If you are with a local guide, it will be easy for you to get involved in conversations with villagers and farmers along the way. The trail leads you across various villages before it stretches out into open farmlands with water buffaloes, pigs, and goats grazing freely in the fields.

You can observe the various stages of rice cultivation and the traditional drying methods throughout the trail. Keep an eye out for banana, cacao, vanilla, and avocado plantations – it is amazing how everything grows and prospers seemingly effortless in this fertile area. A local guide will help you to identify the different plants that line the walk through this Eden-like setting. In line with tradition, the farming huts and village houses are made out of bamboo: a very durable and renewable material that is also used in many other Southeast Asian communities.


Because of the poor condition of the roads that lead to these sites, the tour is rarely offered to tourists. Correspondingly, the tourist facilities are still very basic. There are no restaurants; so be certain to bring your own water and food supplies. However basic the circumstances, the stunning natural environment is well worth the bumping trip. The local guides in Labuan Bajo are familiar with the area around the waterfall, and gladly organize your trip according to your needs.

If you are interested in combining Cunca Rami with a trip to the Sano Nggoang crater lake or a trek to Mount Mbeliling, you may want to plan a two-day journey. In this case, overnight stays are offered in the form of comfortable homestays by the St Klaus School in Teongtoda or in Nunang Village near the crater lake. Around 14 homestays are already available here: the result of Burung Indonesia assistance in local community-based tourism. Contact Ibu Maria (the chairman of the group) to coordinate and prepare the accommodation: +62 81338575056.

How to go there

Follow the main road from Labuan Bajo to Ruteng. At approximately 35km, you will reach a crossroad where you must turn right in the direction of Werang. The distance from the crossing to Werang is 10.5km. This road is in poor condition and difficult to pass in the rainy season. From Werang, it will take you a 45-minute walk to the waterfall.

If you are relying on public transport, you can hop on the daily bus that leaves from Labuan Bajo to Werang. Please note that the local buses have no regular operating schedule. You may also rent a motorbike taxi (ojek) in Labuan Bajo.


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