Takpala Village, Alor
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Takpala Village is a traditional village inhabited by Abui ethnic group. It is located in highland of Lembur Barat Village, Alor Tengah Utara District, Alor Regency. Abui ethnic group are the largest ethnic group in Alor Island. They also used to be called Tak Abui means “big mountain”. These local inhabitants still strictly practice the tradition and culture.

The word “takpala” derived from the word “tak” means “barrier” and the word “pala” means “wood”. Therefore, Takpala can be described as “a wooden barrier”, but some would prefer to describe it as “a wooden bludgeon (beater)”. The village of Takpala firstly known by European tourists since a Dutch tourist named Ferry exhibited his photographs capturing the life of local people of Takpala in 1973. He also made some of those photographs a calendar while promoting a primitive life in Alor Island.



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